The Coal Exchange Hotel Cardiff from Signature Living




UK Top Target For Hotel Investment In 2017

According to a new survey from leading global property advisor CBRE, the UK is the top European target for hotel investment in 2017.

CBRE’s ‘European Hotels Investor Intentions’ survey found that respondents view the UK as the most attractive market in Europe for hotel investment, reflecting a growing confidence in the UK real estate market following a post-referendum slowdown in investment activity in 2016.

Germany is rated by investors as the second most attractive investment market for hotels, followed by Spain, France, and Italy and the Netherlands.

There is no doubt that the UK’s particularly strong economic fundamentals firmly underpin investor confidence in purchasing British real estate.

Investor Appetite for UK Hotel Assets Booming

The wide-ranging appeal of hotels as an investment asset class clearly demonstrates the sector’s transition into the mainstream. The general investor appetite to invest more into hotels generally through 2017 should result in an increase in the European-wide hotel deal volumes, although there are likely to be challenges of limited supply.

The survey findings further revealed that hotel investors cited economic growth as the greatest opportunity to European hotel investment in 2017. This was closely followed by the cost and availability of debt. However, the primary concern for hotel investors in 2017 is asset pricing and geopolitical influences.

British Hotel Investment Opportunities in Short Supply

Hotel investment has traditionally been the domain of wealthier or institutional investors, making entry inaccessible to retail investors. United Property Invest has a significant offer in the hotel sector with The Coal Exchange, in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. This is a tourist hotspot that is one of the UK’s most visited destinations by domestic and international tourists and The Coal Exchange is a majestic Listed building located in the heart of the city.

With an entry level from just £80,000 and an annual ROI of up to 10%, the latest hotel investment from Private Developer of the Year, Signature Living, represents a substantial opportunity to profit from the current boom in the British hotels sector.