The Golden Visa: Residency via Investment in Spain

In compliance with Spanish law, non-EU investors who spend over €500,000 with United Property Direct will be able to obtain a ‘Golden Visa’ offering residency in Spain.

The Golden Visa initially gives permission for holders to live in Spain for one year, after which investors can qualify for the Residence Authorisation, which will be valid for 2 years with the option of another 2 if the investor meets established requirements.

The Requirements

Investors looking to acquire a Golden Visa will need to present their property title/Land Registry Certificate to the Spanish authorities and meet the following conditions:

  • Have entered Spain legally
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have no criminal records in Spain or the countries in which they have resided for the past 5 years.
  • Have a public or private health insurance policy providing for treatment in Spain.
  • Have sufficient economic resources to support themselves and their families (where applicable) throughout their time in Spain


Those who invest through a company are also eligible for a Golden Visa provided that the company is not domiciled in a tax haven and the applicant holds the majority of the voting rights and has the capability to appoint or dismiss members of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is it possible to lease the property/properties?
Yes, your property can be let out on short term holiday lets or for sole use only
2Will children be entitled to residency also under the New Residency Law?
Dependents under 18 years old will be able to travel under the same residency permit
3Can I invest by opening a business?
Yes, although the minimal capital required for this process is €1m
4Can I invest in a commercial property?
Yes, again the minimum capital required is €1m
5Is it possible to get financing?
Yes, as long as the minimum cash injection to purchase the property is over €500,000
6What is the time period for residency ?
Two years and renewable after each and every two years
7Is it compulsory to be fully resident in Spain to be eligible?
8How many times a year do I need to travel to Spain?
Once only between each renewal period
9Can I get citizenship through this Residency?
Yes, after 10 years of ownership