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Liverpool Records Best Buy to Let Yields in UK for 2017

According to a study published by, four areas in Liverpool rank the highest for buy-to-let yields in the UK, with the L7 postcode topping the charts, recording an average yield of 16.23%.

The study reveals that Liverpool contains some of the best areas for buy-to-let investors with yields far higher than London’s top postcode area, Newham – E13 – where the average yield was calculated to be 5.15%, with an average asking price £350,000.

Liverpool came out as the best city in Great Britain to invest in buy-to-let properties, with the top four highest average yields all being in the city.

Here is a summary of the key points of the report:

The best buy-to-let hotspot in Great Britain was found to be the L7 postcode in central Liverpool, which covers the city centre, Edge Hill and Fairfield.

Newcastle upon Tyne’s NE4 postcode – covering the areas of Fernham, Westgate and Wingrove – also scored highly, coming in as the 5th best buy-to-let area in Great Britain. In 6th place was TS1 – the town centre of Middlesbrough.

The HD1 postcode in Huddersfield, LS2 in Leeds and S2 in Sheffield also featured in the top ten buy-to-let areas of the country.

Poole’s BH14 postcode is the worst area in Great Britain to get a buy-to-let mortgage in, with an average yield of 1.4%, even though the average house price in this postcode is £954,032.

In London, the E13 postcode around West Ham and Upton Park was found to have the highest average buy-to-let yield in the capital. The nearby E12 and E15 postcodes also ranked in the top ten of London’s buy-to-let hotspots.

At 16.23%, the average yield of Great Britain’s best buy-to-let postcode (Liverpool’s L7) is more than ten times higher than the yield in the country’s worst postcode, Poole’s BH14, which has an average yield of only 1.4%.


This new report goes some way to confirm that the north-south yield gap has widened considerably in recent years, reflecting favourably on BTL opportunities in northern regions. United Property Invest has available opportunities in Liverpool across residential, office and hotel real estate asset classes, each offering solid returns in the form of income. To find out more contact our experienced team of investment advisers.

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